ProductNew Build Your Biome – Upfront Payment

I’m SO excited to invite you to join the updated one-on-one Build Your Biome 3-month Program.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll:

  • Learn all about the digestive system, the microbiome, the HPA axis and how all of these systems play a role in your health
  • Test your own health with a SIBO test, GI-MAP test, and a DUTCH Complete test
  • Get a Customized Meal Template so you know how to eat best for you
  • Discover the mind-body connection and how this influences your other body systems like your digestive and hormonal systems
  • Get a Customized Supplement Protocol, tailored to your unique test results
  • Learn how to exercise for optimal digestion and hormonal health
  • Learn how to get better sleep (even if sleep is a big issue for you!)
  • Learn how to reintroduce the foods that you have to keep out of your diet right now to keep your symptoms at bay

Here’s How It Works:

You’ll have an initial call with me, Kelsey Kinney, RD in which we’ll discuss your health conditions and I’ll pick through your health history to give you the best next steps.

You’ll complete your 3 lab tests: SIBO test, GI-MAP test, and DUTCH Complete test.

After your call, you’ll receive a Customized Meal Template which shows you exactly how much you should be eating, as well as the macronutrient breakdown that’s best for you.

You’ll also get an Initial Supplement Protocol, which is based off the things I learn about you in our initial call. (You’ll get an Updated Supplement Protocol later in the program once we have your test results back.)

From there, you’ll use our educational platform (videos, handouts, and more) to learn how to optimize your dietary, lifestyle, and supplement habits to improve your health.

You’ll submit goals and habit changes based on the information you learn each week to the Build Your Biome team (myself and Caitlin Graft, RD) and we’ll let you know if it looks good or if we have any alternative suggestions.

You’ll also have access to us to ask any questions that come up — just submit it through the online portal and we’ll record an answer for you!

If you ever get really stuck (which we doubt you will!), you’ll be able to schedule a call with us to get clear on what you should do.

Start Date:

The program will begin on May 14th!

The Investment:

For the first round of the one-on-one Build Your Biome program, the investment is $2000 + $850 laboratory fee for a total of $2850. On a payment plan, you’ll have 3 monthly payments of $997.

There are only 10 spots available for this first round…will you be one of them?



New Build Your Biome - Upfront Payment


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